About Us

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A purpose-driven company

Ours is a story of reconciliation in action, as we continue to serve industry leaders while creating new opportunities for Indigenous people, communities and organizations. Our goals are to create prosperity, employment and opportunity for the community of English River; to support Indigenous people and companies connected to our industry. As a purpose-driven company, we believe we can contribute to a more progressive, inclusive – and creative – world.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

To see how we’re creating change, read our 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

We have history

Established in 2000, Creative Fire has been producing award-winning work for a number of Canada’s largest and most successful companies for 20 years. We grew with the needs of our clients, expanding from a creative communications firm to a full-service agency involved in strategic planning, research and digital communications. Recognizing the growing importance of Indigenous insight and participation – specifically in the resource sector – Creative Fire entered a partnership with the Des Nedhe Group, the economic development entity representing English River First Nation in 2015. The strength and success of that partnership over the past five years led Des Nedhe to fully acquire Creative Fire in 2019.

Expanding our reach

With a dedicated research division, experienced leaders in cross-cultural communication and a growing team of strategists, writers, designers and media planners located in Saskatoon and across Canada, we are built to meet the long-term communications needs of clients. We are continually expanding our expertise to meet the needs of corporate Canada and Indigenous communities.

Diversity and inclusion

Creative Fire is investing in people, organizations and opportunities that encourage greater participation for members of English River First Nation and other Indigenous communities.

Our team is more than 50 per cent female and more than 25 per cent Indigenous. We have pulled together thought leaders and industry experts with diverse backgrounds and experiences to create a team that is as diverse as the projects we work on.

Over the past five years, we have created a number of internship positions to provide Indigenous students an opportunity to gain experience in the communications industry while earning income to support their studies. We have cultivated a network of Indigenous partners as part of our supply chain – creating opportunities for data analytic specialists, researchers, design thinking, writers, designers, photographers as well as supporting our operations.

Our ambition is to open doors for more Indigenous people and companies to engage with our company and our clients.

Services we offer

•    Communication strategies

•    Research and data analytics

•    Corporate annual and ESG/Sustainability reporting

•    Brand development

•    Design

•    Content development

•    Media planning

•    Social/digital media management

•    Indigenous engagement

•    Web development

•    Event planning and management

“One of the most unique value propositions we have is we run a best-in-class agency that just happens to be Indigenous. You have that choice of working and partnering with an Indigenous agency that has purpose and generates prosperity, employment and supplier opportunities with our Indigenous communities and partners" – Leanne Hall, CEO of Creative Fire.

Creative Fire and our team members:

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