A live online workshop series designed to give business leaders, marketers and communicators a ‘view in’ on what they need to be thinking about and how to take action in Indigenous Reconciliation.


Reconciliation Action Plan

Are you Ready For A Reconciliation Action Plan?

Thursday, March 9th @ 1pm EST

Is your organization ready for a Reconciliation Action Plan? The 3 key questions your company leaders must ask themselves before starting your journey to Indigenous reconciliation.
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Introduction to Engagement with Indigenous Communities

Thursday, April 4th @ 1pm EST

How to get started engaging with Indigenous peoples and communities to create respectful, empowering and meaningful relationships for both parties.
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Keys to Respectful Indigenous Communications

Tuesday, May 9th @ 1pm EST

Practical tips for communicating with Indigenous audiences in respectful and meaningful ways. Top strategies for communicators getting started in the complex topic of Reconciliation in Canada.


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    Indigenous Corporate Training & Reconciliation

    Tuesday, June 6th @ 1:30pm EST

    Collaborative session with special guest Bob Joseph of Indigenous Corporate Training Inc, and Creative Fire’s CEO, Leanne Hall. Learn how leading organizations can get started with Indigenous Reconciliation and Cultural Awareness Training.
    New sessions every month