NIES 2022

107 Calls to Economic Prosperity

Called “the blueprint to achieve meaningful engagement and inclusion of Indigenous Peoples in the Canadian economy,” the National Indigenous Economic Strategy For Canada 2022 is a catalyst for non-Indigenous organizations to embark on their own Reconciliation journeys through a Reconciliation Action Plan.

CNA conference panel

Watch the SMR panel at CNA2022

Creative Fire’s Director, Nuclear Sector, Dazawray Landrie-Parker, was the moderator for a special panel at the Canadian Nuclear Association’s 2022 Together for Net Zero Conference (CNA2022), which took place in April 2022.

indigenous woman holding earth

Who is ESG for?

In our second piece in our series called Reconciliation and sustainability from the Des Nedhe Institute, we highlight ideas that come from Indigenous leaders at the FNMPC Towards Net Zero by 2050 Conference and how they relate to current ESG practices. By taking a thoughtful look at who really drives and benefits from ESG initiatives, we can better understand how the worldviews and interests of those leading a corporate sustainability approach inevitably impact its outcomes.