Dazawray Landrie-Parker BA, MGENIA, Doctoral Candidate

Senior Vice President | Nuclear, Energy & Resources

As a part of Creative Fire’s executive team, Dazawray is responsible for leading a team of Directors, Managers and Consultants in the five streams of our Nuclear, Energy & Resource Practice. These streams include Engagement, Indigenous Engagement, Communications, Public Relations and Government Relations. In addition, the Dazawray is responsible for oversight of multiple programs, client relations and business development as well as providing strategic direction to both the practice streams as well as the executive team.

In 2023, she will complete her PhD (Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy, with a specialization in Energy Policy in Northern Canada) at the University of Saskatchewan with a focus on energy policy in Canada’s North. Dazawray’s Métis ancestry fueled her focus on economic development in Indigenous communities and inspired her undergraduate degree in Native Studies from the U of S and her subsequent degree—Master of Governance and Entrepreneurship in Northern and Indigenous Areas, offered jointly by University of Tromsø (The Arctic University of Norway) and the U of S. As the culmination of her program, Dazawray researched and built a community engagement framework for nuclear energy engagement in northern communities and the Policy for Public Engagement for the City of Saskatoon. Dazawray is also the former Director of Operations for the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan, and in 2014, she was appointed as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commanding Officer’s Aboriginal Advisory Committee for “F” Division (RCMP COAAC), which builds on her extensive background working with Métis Nation- Saskatchewan (MNS) where she held several senior positions – including Director of Operations, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and Senior Policy Analyst.

Dazawray was recently awarded the CNS/CNA Award of Excellence in Indigenous Engagement and Communications. She has an ever-growing list of publications specific to the engagement, communications, and risk perceptions in the Nuclear Sector. And In addition to her role at Creative Fire and her research, Dazawray is also lecturer at Yukon University in the Bachelor of Indigenous Governance Degree program where she has taught courses including Indigenous People and Research, Bridging Knowledges, Power and Influence, and Community Economic Development

Dazawray is a strong proponent of “two-eyed seeing” – being able to bring traditional Indigenous perspectives and knowledge, as well as Western knowledge and science, to the table for the benefit of Indigenous communities. Her professional and academic career, experience and skillset brings an in-depth knowledge and understanding of energy policy, potential impact on the efforts to mitigate climate change, perspectives, and feasibility of energy sources across Canada.

Her professional and academic career, experience and skillset brings our clients an in-depth knowledge of perspectives and feasibility of energy sources across the Canada and the Circumpolar North gained through academic projects and initiatives. Dazawray has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of energy policy, potential impact on the efforts to mitigate climate change and is considered a subject matter expert on the topic of SMR engagement in Indigenous communities. She has developed and maintained deep relationships through teaching engagements, consultancy work and research projects.